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The Art Of Jen Web Studio


At The Art of Jen, we have had the privilege of working with many successful companies and professional organizations and developing long-lasting relationships.  Some of our favorite clients have shared their experiences below. 

When Bunting Magnetics Co. decided to bring all of its advertising, public relations, catalog printing, and website updates in-house, we did not know much about the unusual language that our website was built from. When we finally realized the task was more than we expected, we had to find someone quickly that could make product changes and help us with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Finding Jenna at Art of Jen was an incredible stroke of luck. Jenna fully understood the unusual programming language and quickly made all the necessary changes we needed to make in our product line. Then she identified several weaknesses in our website design that was negatively affecting our SEO positioning and corrected those.

After all of that, I was expecting a huge bill like we would get from our former advertising agency. When I received the invoice for the services, I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it was. I would recommend Artofjen to anyone needing web design, development, or maintenance.

Mike Wilks, Product Sales Manager

Jenna is always a step ahead of the competition, which helps her team maintain an attitude of excellence. She's not afraid to stretch herself, but she knows when to involve the right group of people to do the best work for the client. And she's fun to be around.

Dave Mace, Brand Strategist

I appreciate the fact that, when working with Jenna, I knew the project would be executed correctly and always in the timeframe discussed. Easy to work with, and consistent... hard to find attributes in this line of work.

Brian Cartwright, Director, Brand Marketing

In addition to being a creative, knowledgeable and reliable web professional, Jenna has excellent people skills and she always strives to understand the client's overall strategy in order to match the needs of the project.

Frank Choriego, Entrepreneur