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This category is full of advice for businesses who are either currently doing business online or considering setting up their first website. Let’s take the confusion out of promoting and managing your online presence!

Web Design Considerations

Web design is a vital piece of the puzzle in planning for your new website. It can be the difference in a web visitor staying on your site and doing business with you, or leaving your site with a bad first impression.
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Choosing the Right Web Designer / Developer for you

There are many types of websites come in all shapes and sizes including e-commerce, marketing/advertising, web applications, and social networking websites. In the sea of web designers/developers, there are many levels of experience in each of these types of websites. Once you know what you hope to accomplish through your website, you can begin your search for a web designer/programmer with experience creating your desired website type.
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Domain Name Considerations

Your business’ domain name can be very important in generating traffic to your website. First of all, an easy to remember domain name can stick in your audience’s mind long after they have heard your radio spot, seen your print advertising, or heard their friends talking about your site. Secondly - yet still just as important – the domain name you choose can be important in your site’s search engine optimization.
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