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This category is all about the art and science of search engine optimization.

Domain Name Considerations

Your business’ domain name can be very important in generating traffic to your website. First of all, an easy to remember domain name can stick in your audience’s mind long after they have heard your radio spot, seen your print advertising, or heard their friends talking about your site. Secondly - yet still just as important – the domain name you choose can be important in your site’s search engine optimization.
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10 Things Every Business Should Know Before Starting a Website (part 1)

Unfortunately, not every web designer or programmer is knowledgeable in search engine optimization. In fact, many either only employ some SEO techniques, sacrifice SEO in favor of a cool design or animation they want to use, or simply ignore SEO altogether! Of course business professionals know that you could have the coolest website in the world, but it would not do your company any good at all if no one can find it! Before you start your company’s website, make sure that your web designer/developer knows search engine optimization techniques.
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